Environment, remote sensing and territorial analysis

Environment, remote sensing and territorial analysis

Service description

The application of remote sensing techniques with UAS, GNSS, RGB and multispectral sensors allows precise studies and temporal monitoring of natural processes, plant masses, precision agriculture, cadaster, heritage management, archaeological exploration or prevention in natural risks.

Our technology and professional experience allow us to undertake any project that requires UAS flight, data acquisition and analysis for studies of the natural environment and territorial analysis.

Phanton P4 Multiespectral

After taking the data and aerial images we can get…

  • Vegetation inventories using Drone technology.
  • Multispectral images and vegetation analysis using spectral indices.
  • Analysis of areas affected by fires, monitoring of ecological restoration areas. 
  • Topographic surveys with RTK and support points in field of 2D / 3D deposits of centimetric precision.
  • GIS analysis and precision mapping of the environment and natural hazards.
  • Recording of documentaries and audiovisual reports in 4K
  • Cloud based.
  • Orthophotography, contour lines and topographic surveys with RTK and support points in the field with centimeter precision.
  • Photogrammetry and generation of 3D Point Clouds.
  • Digital Terrain and Surface Models (MDT / MDS). Erosion processes, slope dynamics, calculation of deposits and volumes.
  • OBIA (Object Based Image Analysis) analysis of the vegetation.
  • Pixel-based vegetation analysis and supervised classification.
  • Digital Cup Models (CHM-Canopy Height Model). 3D vegetation models.

cartografia dji

CEGADRONE can create the following cartographic products

  • Development and Management of Open Source Geospatial Databases.
  • Analysis of Open Source Relational Databases.
  • GIS modeling of natural processes.
  • High Resolution Thematic Mapping.


Precision agriculture: remote sensing, with UAS
More efficient and profitable plantations solve the problems that appear in a plantation within the same growing cycle.


  • Study and characteristics of cultivation and production: surface, distribution of plots, cultivation cycle, plantation framework, etc.
  • Terrain study (DTM, hydrological models, etc.)
  • Irrigation systems and characteristics
  • Subscriber processes, fertilization / fertigation systems
  • Other factors that influence the production system

Interpretation & Analysis data

  • Analysis laboratory from field samples the results 
  • Multispectral processing images obtained through the UAS flights
  • Multispectral processing images obtained from satellites
  • Vegetation indices from multispectral sensors.
  • Thematic cartography and crop mapping
  • Vegetation indices analysis and Interpretation

Diagnosis & Solutions for Decision-Making by collegiate agronomists

  • Supervised Reports by an Agricultural Engineer.
  •  Analysis of distribution and evolution of nutrients in the soil, state of the crop, diagnosis of problems detected throughout the crop cycle and of data field interpretation obtained with multispectral sensors, drones and satellites.
  • Comprehensive solutions report for decision-making. Farm solving in detected problems, increasing plantation profitability and / or efficiency.

Data capture and growing cyclemonitoring 

  • Field data samples
  • Foliar analysis, soil analysis, water analysis, etc., in each phase of the growing cycle
  • UAS flights with multispectral sensors in RGB / IR / NIR / SWIR field for each relevant phase of the crop cycle
  • UAS flights with RGB cameras to generate orthophotos in each phase of the growing cycle
  • Selection and capture of multispectral satellite data in the office (sequence depending on the satellite’s orbit pitch for the location of the culture)

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