Emergencies / Search & Rescue

Service description

We provide Search & Rescue services, situations of risk or inaccessible to human teams, natural catastrophes, as well as prevention and protection of people and property in case of emergency.

The combination of our technologies and the use several teams simultaneously, make one of the goal effective teams in search.

We provide valuable information for quick decision making, a highly qualified flight personnel with extensive experience in firefighting and teamwork with fire & air emergency services. Our fleet of off-road vehicles goes into inaccessible areas.


Our services:
  • Support in firefighting and operational control.
  • Control of extinguishing equipment in smoke or low visibility conditions.
  • Delimitation of areas affected by fire.
  • Detection of hot spots in the final control of the fire.
  • Search for people in situations inaccessible or at risk for search teams.
  • Search for people with thermographic images in hostile environments.
  • Expertise, damage assessment and reporting for insurers or security services.
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