Service description

We are certified by ship’s classification society to carry out general inspections of ships and indoor / outdoor vessels, inspections for certificates of seaworthiness of transport, merchant, specials, and safety ship´s inspections of structural elements.

In our indoor / outdoor inspections, carried out by certified personnel, hulls, decks, bridges, masts, chimneys, tanks or warehouses, winches, machinery or lattices, coatings and surfaces and safety elements for navigation are reviewed.

For Offshore Inspections, we take care of looking in detail at structural and safety elements, tanks and warehouses, cranes and platforms, loading docks, ladders, etc.

Our motto for maintenance is to know the scope, before making the repair!


We detect structural defects, rust, weld condition, cracks and hardware general condition.

We inspect conditions in fixed or mobile aerial pillars. Damage assessment, cracks can be measured, spill surfaces, direction vectors calculated, and of claims made on the assessment during or preferably prior to shutdowns.

Count on our team for:

  • Naval certifications
  • Inspection on offshore platforms, wind float, etc.
  • Inspection elements and structures of shipyards or dry docks
  • Naval expertise and monitoring of claims and accidents
  • Thickness measurement using UAS
  • Cloud based
  • We are partners with Optimiza and offer consulting services on corrosion and conditions of coatings.
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