Industry and Infrastructure

Industry and Infrastructure

Service description

We optimize maintenance and surveys tasks with UAS, by using high-resolution and thermal sensors, we detect problems of different nature in infrastructures that prevent critical failures. We get thickness measurement and coating problems with early corrosion detection remotely.

CEGADRONE’s main areas of inspection in this field are:

  • Infrastructure analysis using RGB / HD / IR sensors
  • Thickness measurement with UAS (RTI)
  • Consulting on corrosion and condition of coatings
  • Metal structural supports
  • Asset management platform
  • Analysis of energy efficiency and heat loss in infrastructures
  • Expertise scope in works of difficult access or at height
  • Cloud based


Petrochemical plants
Infrastructure and critical elements inspection in petrochemical industry using UAS technology reduces costs, inspection times and most important, human risks.

Our staff is qualified to carry out any type of indoor / outdoor inspection in ATEX areas, confined spaces, work at heights, with electrical risks. We have adequate professional teams to carry out this type of work with the greatest guarantee of safety.

The main services that CEGADRONE offers for the petrochemical industries are:

  • Visual and thermographic inspection of chimneys and torches
  • Thickness measurement with UAS (RTI)
  • Inspection of pipelines, pipes and tanks (indoor / outdoor)
  • Internal inspection of ducts, tanks and other structural elements
  • Cloud based
  • We are partners with Optimiza and offer consulting services on corrosion and conditions of coatings.
dron industria
plantas de produccion
Production plants
Our UAS inspection in production plants is proven in different industries, from the automotive, meat, feed, to cement production plants.

We obtain tangible data from our aerial, indoor and outdoor equipment in scheduled and corrective maintenance of assets in the mechanical, electrical and robotics fields.

We do exhaustive inspection of:

  • Structural supports
  • Mechanized robotics
  • Distribution, power and generation electrical elements
  • Air conditioning
  • Infrastructure substations
  • Management of spaces and containers
  • Roofs maintenance control
  • Cloud based

Port & Marine infrastructure
CEGADRONE is a pioneer at the national and international level in the measurement of thicknesses in the Naval sector through aerial platforms

We perform UAS inspections of all the elements that affect to the logistics and industrial operations in marine ports, reducing costs, operating times and increasing safety margins, also generating additional value, digitization and tangibility of the data for engineering departments.

The main inspection services offered by CEGADRONE in port infrastructures:

  • Mechanized structures & robotics
  • Loader cranes
  • Crane bridges
  • Boat lifts
  • Punctual operational control of shipyards
  • Containers and storage
  • Management and inspection of containers in the study of spaces and processes
  • Expertise scope in works of difficult access or at height
  • Consulting on corrosion and coatings condition
  • Asset management platform
  • Cloud based
  • We are partners with Optimiza and offer consulting services on corrosion and conditions of coatings.
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Railway sector and linear infrastructures

CEGADRONE is the only Spanish RPA company member of the Railway Innovation Hub, where it adds the necessary Innovation UAS support in control and maintenance of all of the infrastructures affecting the railway sector, such as:

  • Catenary
  • Structural supports
  • Viaducts
  • Slopes
  • Civil work
  • Heritage building management
  • Antennas for Remote control / 4 and 5G communications
  • Asset management platform
  • Cloud based
We are partners of the RAIL HUB
Telecommunications, antennas and infrastructure

Telecommunication antennas must meet maintenance requirements in accordance with industrial National & local regulations. In addition, the manager must know the inventory of facilities and the status of those elements.

CEGADRONE inspections, with RPA technology, digitize these assets and avoid the risk of work at height, with fast teams and a single pilot through AI best software partners available

We carry out with aerial sensors:

  • Comprehensive inspections in telecommunications infrastructure
  • Thermography applied to the installation
  • Access to equipment on difficult terrain
  • Semi-automatic report
  • Asset management platform
  • 3D Model
  • Height, dimensions, azimuth, downward and vertical measurement
  • Cloud based
  • We are partners with Optimiza and offer consulting services on corrosion and conditions of coatings.

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