Power Lines & Energy Industry

Power Lines & Energy Industry


Service description

We have adapted to the new regulatory standards and technological framework to meet the official needs in operation and preventive maintenance, power lines digitization, carrying out exhaustive inspections with UAS in power transmission & distribution, Electrical substation and technical elements, adjusting to the needs of each operator in MV/HV/EHV/UHV

Specialized in the energy Industry

Applications with UAS:

in-depth inspections of power transmission & distribution infrastructure.

  • Thermography applied to MV/HV/EHV/UHV
  • Electrical substation Inspection and other technical powered elements
  • Access to infrastructures on difficult terrain.
  • Legal support and expertise against natural disasters or fires
  • Asset management platform
  • Direct support for vegetation management.
  • NACE II inspection (corrosion).
  • Cloud based / CEGAELECTRIC
  • Digital twin model, validation and conciliation data, with control and measurement capacity.
  • We are partners with Optimiza and offer consulting services on corrosion and conditions of coatings.


Solar Power Plants
HD and IR solar asset inspection, orthophoto and report.

CEGADRONE has international ITC certification in levels 1 and 2 for thermographic inspection in photovoltaic installations.

Our technology is applied in:

  • Construction and maintenance phases of solar power plants, both for scheduled and corrective maintenance.
  • Effective and fast inspection of large areas.
  • Semi-automatic identification reports of photovoltaic panels with defects or hot spots.
  • Expert assessment before the purchase or sale of solar assets.
  • Asset management platform
  • Cloud based (CEGAELECTRIC).
Wind Farms
CEGADRONE adapts to the maintenance inspection protocols of each operator, eliminating the need to put people at risk.

CEGADRONE’s main lines of work in this field are:

  • Construction and planning phases
  • Detection of fissures or cracks or leaks
  • Blade condition, damaged angles of attack and other defects
  • Equipment with difficult access (Naval)
  • Improvement in maintenance and energy efficiency plan
  • Asset management platform
  • Cloud based (CEGAELECTRIC)

Nuclear Power Plants

Our human and technical teams operate remotely and allow us to meet the strict and specific safety requirements within a nuclear power plant easily and effectively. CEGADRONE is one of the two operators that have already carried out maintenance at these facilities in Spain.

The main applications of CEGADRONE in this environment are:

  • Detection of fissures or cracks in critical or hard-to-reach areas
  • Detection of hot spots
  • Improvement in maintenance plan and revision during the operation
  • Generation of 3D models
  • Condenser pipes
  • Capacitor
centrales nucleares

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