The Human Team

CEGADRONE encourages creativity and teamwork, leaving the employee to manage their time and responsibilities.

With motivation, greater engagement is generated among the team, which strives in competitiveness to give the best of itself.

Our signal to operate in security is to have fixed, trained and certified personnel. Systems such as SMS and aspects extracted from aeronautical operations for tangible work from the ground. Same certifications and ratings, usability and fleet compatibility.

At CEGADRONE the individual always prevails, it is the highest value of our company.

Know us!

Miguel Ángel de Villota

Co-Founder and CEO

Carlos Valdeolivas

Chief Operations Manager

Ángel Baz Sánchez

Operations / Head of Ops. Portugal

Ana Piquero Anula


Javier de Villota

Heritage, Architecture & Archeology

Gonzalo Pinillos Navarro

Operations / M&O Engineering