Our accreditations aim to build trust and credibility, demonstrate to our clients that there is a less visible but often more valuable aspect that consists of the effort, will and conviction assumed by managers to reach levels of demand similar to those it is imposed on large companies.

CEGADRONE certifications, both internal and external, guarantee the way of working and satisfying the requirements, needs and expectations, planning, maintaining and operations improving the performance of its processes in an effective and efficient way.

CEGADRONE, Certified flight conditions in CTR.

CEGADRONE is authorized by AESA to carry out operations in controlled airspace or in a flight information zone (FIZ), for 100% of civil airspace, and 75% of military airspace. We are the national operator with the longest hours of operations in the CTR airspace.

CEGADRONE, Search & Rescue

CEGADRONE has the necessary experience for SEARCH / RESCUE / EMERGENCIES / SECURITY operations as well as for the protection and relief of people, through drills and real actions with the UME (Military Emergency Unit) and the Civil Guard.

OPS ATEX Certified for Pilots.

CEGADRONE, does not have ATEX certified UAS, but YES, for the staff . Operations for this type of atmosphere, is certified for all the staff, through basic ATEX A training, with Ism-ATEX training in explosive atmospheres and therefore minimum knowledge working in ATEX area, including EPIS security of all personnel involved in operations.


The latest calibrated IR sensors, the highest resolution and the best qualified inspectors, make the need for thermal measurement a tangible certification. CEGADRONE, responsible for the data.

CEGADRONE OPS Multispectral Sensor

The latest Multispectral, Blue, Green, Red, Red Edge and Infrared sensors, the highest resolution and the best NDVI inspectors in remote sensing. CEGADRONE, responsible for the data.


CEGADRONE is service supplier using Remote Inspection Techniques (RIT) for close-up ultrasonic Level 2 thickness measurements of the structure inspections.


The best qualified experts and real experience in GIS, make images a high-precision meta-information that becomes measurement.

Marine & Offshore

CEGADRONE is certified by the Society to perform and report surveys using Remote Inspection Techniques (RIT) as an alternative means for close-up surveys, in presence of surveyors of the Society, of the structure of ships and mobile offshore units classed with the Society, within the scope of the Rules, Part A. Type of RIT used: UAV (Aerial drone)


CEGADRONE is the reference in inspection of the industrial power lines, REDES MAT® AT (Term registered by CEGADRONE, through our specific training courses), Our certified technicians Pilots, speak in KV.


Fly Over Cities & group of People (FOC & FOGP)

Certified by AESA for outdoor operations with aircraft equipped with impact energy limitation devices in areas where there are crowds of buildings in cities, towns or inhabited places or meetings of people outdoors.

CEGADRONE Indoor Outdoor

We comply with the requirements and Air Certifications, for the exterior flight, and the PRLs and training in safety and prevention, necessary for the flight in industrial land and naval interior settings. We give a ring service to our clients.

CEGADRONE, Certificacion ITC Nivel II

CEGADRONE owns the Level 2 Infrared certification, it complies with the most demanding national and international thermography standards. This certification attests in writing to demonstrated proficiency above level 1, by properly satisfying conditions and procedures that demonstrate compliance with International ITC requirements.

CEGADRONE, Inspection Certification Level II

AEND, The Spanish Association of Non-Destructive Testing, is an Association of a civil nature, of indefinite duration, non-profit and with its own legal personality, which brings together the different natural and legal persons related to non-testing destructive. CEGADRONE, is certified as level 2, in ultrasound thickness measurements by this body.

CEGADRONE, under the European Rules

EASA is the European regulatory body that promotes the highest levels of safety and protection of the environment in civil aviation in Europe. As an authorized AESA operator, we scrupulously comply with European regulations.

CEGADRONE, Authorized Operator


is the state body that ensures that civil aviation standards are observed in all aeronautical activity in Spain. CEGADRONE is an authorized operator and recognized by this official establishment.


The General Directorate of Civil Aviation is the body through which the Ministry of Development designs the strategy, directs the aeronautical policy, for which purpose it coordinates the agencies, entities and entities attached to the Department with functions in civil aviation, and acts as regulator in the aviation sector, within the competences of the General State Administration

The National authority

The Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, in the air sphere, is to define, in a broad sense, the policies on airport and air navigation infrastructures, services, professionals, and passengers. It also oversees aviation security and other related areas such as passenger rights. These functions are carried out mainly by the State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA) and the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGAC).

CEGADRONE, Certified para SGS

The SGS Basic Compliance Verification encapsulates the review findings and conditions on the use of the UAS Operator along with a summary of findings that may have significant safety implications. CEGADRONE is the only one for Spain and Portugal with this certificate (Only another operator at European level, meets this requirement)

CEGADRONE, Certified AENOR ISO 14001

The UNE-EN ISO 14001 is the standard for environmental management systems, offers the possibility of systematizing, in a simple way, the environmental aspects that are generated in each of the activities carried out in the organization, in addition to promoting environmental protection and the prevention of pollution from a balance point of view with socio-economic aspects. We are socially responsible in the use of tools that integrate the environment in the global management of the company. CEGADRONE is Green


The UNE-EN ISO 90001 The standard on quality management Systems, offers proof that we are a competent and reliable company, committed to maintaining quality standards in accordance with the standard and a production process oriented towards the continuous improvement of our services. The implementation is a work philosophy for CEGADRONE, a good work, and a know how to meet the expectations of our customers.

CEGADRONE, Certified IQNet 9001

The international certification network CERTIFICATE AENOR has issued an IQNet recognized certificate that the organization CEGADRONE Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015. The IQNet certificate is for companies and organizations that can be accredited worldwide and that are certified with specific regulations in all countries. CEGADRONE It is internationally certified.

CEGADRONE, Certified IQNet 14001

The international certification network CERTIFICATE AENOR has issued an IQNet recognized certificate that the organization CEGADRONE Environmental Management System ISO 1401:2015. The IQNet certificate is for companies and organizations that can be accredited worldwide and that are certified with specific regulations in all countries. CEGADRONE It is internationally certified.


CEGADRONE complies with the RGPD or General Data Protection Regulation, our main objective is to protect the right of individuals or legal entities to preserve personal, confidential or sensitive data and images, and ensure respect for the individual rights and freedoms contained in the Spanish Constitution within this European regulation.