Online GIS tool for UAS maintenance on Power lines assets

GIS Map viewer and data integration management for UAS inspections

Real time asset distribution and transmission Energy Power Lines & SMARTGRIDS management systems, via web App. Traceability, BigData, and analysis for agile Predictive a corrective. Remuneration increases for investment in quality and predictive Maintenance. Digitalization.

App main features

Georeferencing of the assets to be inspected

Full geo-referenced data obtained with the UAS, integrated with the data structure from client’s assets.

Data capture with UAS (RBG / IR)

Capture geo-referenced RGB / IR data with real-time asset defect reports on cloud-based mapping platforms, with immediate warnings of critical real-time inspection failures.

Online real-time map viewer of UAS inspections

Responsive online cloud mapping platform to manage progress and status of UAS real time inspections by the Customer Maintenance Department.

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